Below are the list of places I have been in Asia and blogged about. I write a summary of “My impression” of each city I visit. Double click a marker to view the post.

Asia Map

I often get asked how I choose where I go and what inspires me to go to the places I go. To be honest. Pictures. No joke. I simply go to places from the presence of a single picture and I simply say to myself, thats where I’m going next. At the moment I’m concentrating my whole focus of travelling in Asia as I find it fascinating beyond belief. I’d like to clear up some common misconception that the title of this blog is Phil AND Asia meaning its not just about Asia. Its about everything I do AND Asia. However I will in due course travel move to other continents. I don’t want to be stuck on page 2 either for the rest of  my life. I haven’t forgotten the quote:

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

― Augustine of Hippo

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