What on earth am I eating?!

What on earth am I eating?!

So you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m eating here. Well, I’ve actually been really happy and basically been forced to immerse myself in Chinese culture and food.

For breakfast I don’t eat anything since theres literally nothing to eat apart from rice and dumplings, which I really don’t feel like first thing in the morning.

Then for lunch I go to a  massive food court where there are countless numbers of outlets and people.


To pay you need to buy a food court card and top it up. Average price of a full main course lunch is around £1.50.


Staying away from washed greens for a while till my stomach settles.

For dinner we go across the bridge to the street food like restaurant.



We ordered lamb kebabs, squid (which I didn’t eat!) and leek


Food street sellers are cheap and easy food



photo 1

photo 2

Today we had hotpot for dinner. I went with my flatmate and someone thats interning at the school.

There are basically 3 parts to a hotpot. Firstly, you either choose water with a few mild spices or the Sichuan hotpot which I had when I went to Chengdu last year, and I can tell you that it was the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. Secondly, you choose what you want to eat, e.g. beef, noodles, lettuce etc. You then put it in the boiling pot of water and cook it. Thirdly, you choose your sauce. The standard sauce is sesame seed which is actually a lot nicer than it sounds. Once the food in the hotpot is cooked you dip the food into the sesame sauce and eat it.

photo 4

photo 3

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  1. When you ate the hottest thing you have ever had, did you do that funny thing you do when you stand up and run around or bounce on the spot or did you just wave your hand in front of you mouth like that would make any difference!!!!

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