My flat in Beijing

My flat in Beijing

Moved into my flat a couple of days ago, and it’s taken a while to settle in and adjust. It’s decent and slightly better than I was expecting, however, the whole place could actually be extremely nice if they bothered to take care of it and furnish it properly. It seems in China things are built and then used till they fall apart and only the bare minimums of repairs done.

My apartment building is on a complex with at least 15+ others. All grounds of the buildings is like a small village and has a supermarket, restaurant, gym, swimming pool in the centre of it.


Something interesting about Beijing is the price of accommodation. A lot of people here have a large amount of assets in housing, but have actually very little money since they bought the apartment a long time ago when prices were cheap. The apartment I am living in is worth $800,000 and it is just an average apartment in Beijing. The cost of living i.e food etc is cheap, however, I spend no more than £4 a day and that includes subway, going out for lunch and dinner, snacks etc.

There is a kitchen, haven’t bothered cooking anything yet since going out for dinner is so cheap, like £2, and also all the products in the supermarket are in Chinese and the equipment in the kitchen is all old and rusty.


Living Room

Not really much of a living room. Basically, it has a table and some chairs and that’s about it. Barely spend anytime in here. Maybe when more people move into the flat I’ll have a reason to.



The picture below is my bed. My room has 2 beds in it and so at some point I will have to share but not at the moment. Originally I was in a room which I had to myself, but it was 4mx2m. Just enough room for a bed. I could barely open the door. The aircon was right above me as well which was really annoying. It would have just been a grimm place to sleep for 2 months. So I asked the school if I could upgrade rooms. Wasn’t that much extra and totally worth it. The only really annoying thing about sleeping in Beijing are the storms and the mosquitoes. I have to put on spray every night to keep myself from being bitten and I wake up every so often in the night thinking someones thrown a stone through my window because the thunder is so loud!


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