Tea eggs for breakfast

Tea eggs for breakfast

It was early morning and I was starving. My pronunciation of tea eggs in Chinese is terrible (Chayedan) and to avoid the embarrassment I just hurled the word tea egg at every street seller in the hopes they understood. Luckily, I found it myself. The annoying thing about breakfast in China is that it finishes really early. It’ll all be gone by 9am. Don’t be put of by the appearance. Yes, it looks like a rotten egg, but honestly, it tastes delicious!


Tea eggs are basically made by cooking the eggs and soaking them in tea for a good a day or 2 until the egg absorbs the tea. The flavour is not what you’d expect. It actually tastes kind of minty.

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  1. I fancy trying that. Am going to look up how to do it so I don’t poison us all!
    Watching you walk down there just makes me think you ars so brave. it is such a different environment to what we are use dto.
    Was that all graffiti?

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