Olympic stadium, too much duck and an unexpected caffeine high

Olympic stadium, too much duck and an unexpected caffeine high

I was so annoyed with myself last time that I didn’t manage to see the Olympic Stadium, so yesterday I took the subway to see it and I wasn’t disappointed. The spectacular structure in the shape of a birdcage really does make you admire the amount of design and engineering that went into it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to go inside as it was closing time and a storm was brewing.

Luckily, I got home just in time before the storm set in, however, a couple sleeping in my dorm was caught up in the full brunt of it. When they came back they were soaked to the core and had witnessed something shocking that really does put a perspective on life. They’d just come out of the subway underground and saw everyone outside was suddenly running everywhere trying to get somewhere inside. They couldn’t understand why, however, thought it was also best to start running to shelter. Suddenly a rectangular sign 5m high was hurled into the air and hit the women in front of them full force. The power of the wind must have been tremendous to lift that sign up in the air. The women lay lifeless on the floor with a pool of brown fluid next to her which apparently isn’t a good sign. Moral of the story is be careful of the wind in Beijing and if you see people running to shelter, then do the same!

Later in the evening around 19:30 I was craving duck so badly. There was a restaurant next door that did it. I had gone there last time with an Austrian fella I had met in the hostel, however, this time everyone had already eaten! My craving was so bad I decided to go there myself. Upon sitting down I ordered half a duck or so I thought. 1 plate after another came until there were 3 plates of duck on the table! I called the waiter over and asked why I have so much duck. He said they only do whole duck. He could have told me that at the beginning! Anyway I managed 2 plates but no way could I do the third. I asked for a doggy bag and payed the painful bill of £11. I think I ate enough duck in 30 minutes to last a lifetime!

It was approaching 10pm and I remembered that I was craving some Bubble tea (it’s basically tea with starch balls at the bottom). Anyway somehow ended up with Bubble oolong milk tea. Getting to the point, I later found out when I walked back into the hostel and the guy behind reception started laughing at me and shouted, “No sleep for you tonight!”. I looked a bit puzzled and so he continued to explain that it had 200mg of caffeine (equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee). Not sure if it was jet lag or the tea or maybe both but ended up only getting to sleep at 7am. Tiring mistake!

Today I’m being lazy. Brought a notepad for my study course and sitting in the cool air-conditioned seating area downstairs. Way to hot to do anything  especially when I’m half asleep.

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