I thought I made a friend

I thought I made a friend

Today was going great until I decided to go and get some fruit from the shop and got stopped by 2 middle-aged “business men” from Shanghai. I was speaking to them for a good hour whiles they were explaining the history of Beijing and how they were on a conference trip.  After an hour or so had passed they asked if we could stay in contact because they said they could show me around Shanghai when I get there. I pulled out my phone and said he could type his E-Mail address into my phone. He suddenly got fairly aggressive and said that I was being disrespectful and that we should go and get some beer and dumplings and then could write down my E-mail address. I was a bit taken back and followed the number 1 rule, never follow strangers, period. I politely refused and both guys walked of in a tiff. If anything good came of it, its that I got a free history lesson. I hadn’t heard of this particular scam before and had to search far and wide on the internet to find a similar experience that someone had.

This was taken of a Beijing Scam website comment section:

  1. steve says:

    enhanced scam no 2: tea scam

    i met group of three chinese men in their 30ties at tia anmen square claiming they are working for IBM in Shanghai and visiting Beijing due to conference. but today they have day off and have time for sight seeing. they will tell you to go different way as you planned, forbidenn city is closed, open at 3pm..etc and that they want to go there but later, they even did not mention the tea and walk with you chatt, good conversation, taking pctures and then they ask for business card, email, nobady has pen so lets go for a beer. as only you and one from these three scamers are drinking beer other two ordered tea but of course invite to taste and it goes so on…will also tell ypu that in chu=ina is usal to drink red wine when making friends…so be c arefull

Anyone coming to Beijing, just remember, don’t follow strangers!

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  1. Reassuring to hear that the many childhood cautions, “never to follow any strangers” did stick with you 😉 xx

  2. So far it seems you’ve encountered a load of tricksters your past two posts have been a bit grim! Glad you’re staying safe and having a good time though 🙂 hope you have fun in the apartment tomorrow and meet some decent people! X

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