5 things I wished I had packed

5 things I wished I had packed

Ever thought you’ve packed everything you could possibly need and then when you actually got to your destination realised there were a few things that you wished you had packed?? The first time I went travelling there were certain things that I didn’t think of taking which would have been really useful.

#1 Multi plug

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In hostels, sometimes you only get 1 plug socket and it’s so annoying when you have to decide which one is more important to charge, your laptop, your phone or your camera. I’ve got a few multi plugs around my house which I could have taken and was so annoyed I didn’t think of it!

#2 Metal or plastic box



I use a backpack and so things get thrown around a lot in my bag and sometimes I bring or buy delicate things that break easily. A box would have been a great help!

#3 Extra pair of earphones


Those damn things break so easily. Nightmare when you get on a 20 hour train ride and realise your earphones are broken. No music, no films just boredom for the rest of the journey.

#4 Watch


Seriously… This is a must. I’m not kidding. I don’t usually wear a watch, but when travelling  it’s so useful. If you’ve got a backpack on and you are in a dodgy neighbourhood not wanting to get your phone out to check if your going to make the train it’s so useful!  Needed to check the time so many times and it was annoying having had to rely on my phone. Even worse is when my phone died and I desperately needed to know the time.

#5 Better camera


I thought it would be to much hassle to bring my big large lens camera, however, soon I realised that it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference in my rucksack. I found it really hard to get those perfect shots. If you’re contemplating whether to bring your SLR or not. DO IT!

What did you wish you had packed? Comment below.

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  1. Hi Phil, great list. I like to bring a power bar with me when I travel. I used it a lot but it’s for NA power outlets. I will look into a multi plug for different countries.

    I met my son in Asia, he was there for 4 months, and I only packed one backpack and a small carry-on. Since I did not have much space I could not have taken a plastic box but love the idea. My husband is going to work soon in Brunei, Asia for 6 wks and I will send him one.

    The first thing that I have packed for Asia was a good DSLR. I was ready to loose space for other stuff because I really wanted to take it with me and I have no regrets. I used it every day of my trip.

    I did not packed a watch because I had my iPhone. It did not take long that I bought a cheap one in Bangkok. So a watch is a must for me now on a trip.

    Because I was going to different places in Asia, including flying, I loved that all my clothes were in eBags packing cubes. They are a must in my book. Made my life easier when I was looking for a piece of clothing and my carry-on looked neat.

    I would add luggage locks. I would lock my carry-on, when I was not in my room, and also would lock my backpack because I had my DSLR inside.

    1. Thanks for your input! I knew I forgot something of the list! A lock! Yes I remember last time travelling to some hostels without any lockers and it was a nightmare if I just wanted to go out for a while and not take my tablet/laptop with me. In the end I just hid it under the pillow and hoped for the best. Will certainly take one this time. Thanks for the reminder!

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