5 things I could never travel without in Asia

5 things I could never travel without in Asia

There are certain things I just couldn’t travel without. If I forgot to pack any of the things below it would really put a damper on my trip. What things can you not travel without? Comment below.

#1 Smartphone


Smartphones literally rule my travels. Everything I do from from using it as a navigation tool to booking flight and hostels. It’s so vital and I would feel lost without. It makes travelling so much less stressful knowing that if I get lost I can just whip out my phone.

#2 Flip-Flops


In the summer its just TOO hot to wear shoes. It’s so easy to just slip them on if I need to go to the shop. I’ve worn them everywhere from climbing mountains for several hours to taking a flight. They are just a must.

#3 Laptop


To blog successfully you need a good laptop with a decent keyboard. Also looking at things to do with lots of tabs open is also extremely helpful. As most of my travels are spontaneous and I never fully know what I’m doing till I get there I have to do a lot of planning whiles abroad and it’s so much easier with a laptop.

#4 Local Dictionary


I love talking to locals and speaking the native language in the shop. It helps me fully immerse myself in the culture. Nothing better than learning a few basic phrases, going into a restaurant, ordering food and feeling like a boss!

#5 Diarrhoea Medication


So very very very important. Asia is a hotspot for stomach bugs and having bowel movements when on the road or in a hostel is the worst! If there is one thing you can’t forget to pack it’s this!

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