Top China travel apps

Top China travel apps

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone and with more and more apps becoming available on both Android and iOS devices you can really ease your travels by downloading and installing some of them. Here is a list of must-have China travel apps:

iOS and Android Devices

#1 CamDictionary

Got stuck in a totally unfamiliar language environment? When you could not manually input to search for results, even the most powerful electronic dictionaries would be just useless! CamDictionary – your personal translator anytime and anywhere!

CamDictionary is a professional instant translator application.
Take a picture of the word or phrase you are stuck on and CamDictionary will instantly translate.
You can download and buy the dictionaries as well for offline translation!

#2 Google Translate

Google Translate is a great tool for translating simple phrases. Even though some of it may not be 100% accurate it can really help if you are trying to communicate with someone and give them a general idea of what you want by speaking into your device using the voice recognition tool in the device.

#3 Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Pleco is the ultimate Chinese learning companion – an integrated Chinese-English dictionary / document reader / flashcard system with full screen handwriting input and live camera-based character look-ups. Pleco is a company with over a decade of experience making mobile Chinese learning software.

This is an absolute must for anyone travelling to China!

#4 TripAdvisor City Guides

Trip Advisor has put a lot of effort into developing separate apps for different cities and having used a lot of them I find them extremely helpful in looking up restaurant reviews and also reviews of activities to do; e.g. is it worth for me going to see the Pearl Tower in Shanghai?.

 #5 Google Maps

Even in the most remote places, Google still doesn’t fail to impress me. With a large amount of public transport information and of course world street maps this app is a must. It even offers offline mode for those who won’t have a data plan when travelling and so the maps can be pre-downloaded onto the device. All it requires then is a GPS enabled handset and it should pinpoint your exact location within minutes.

#6 Hostelworld

If you are travelling in China and have read my blog then you know that staying in hostels is the best option. This apps easily lets you book and manage your hostel stays.

#7 Skyscanner

Find the perfect fare in seconds, wherever you are, wherever you want to fly.

#8 MapsWithMe

A great app I recently discovered where you can download entire country maps. What impresses me the most is how detailed the map is. It gives you minute details and that can help you navigate in some tricky places. A* for this app!

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