My impression of Koh Tao

My impression of Koh Tao

Amongst all of them Koh Tao was my favourite island. Mainly because I met some really cool people to explore the place with. The only way to get around here really is to rent a scooter. Obviously, you can also take a taxi, however, they are rather pricey!
Koh Tao has not only got some of the best beaches and scenery, but also good snorkeling spots. The island is filled with dive shop after dive shop and it’s extremely cheap.

Food is great here. Koh Tao is the smallest of all the islands and so everything is fairly close together. Forget going to the expensive looking posh restaurants and head uphill a bit where you can find local food dirt cheap which tastes amazing.

Rent a scooter

Don’t listen to people who say the island is to small or to dangerous to rent one. Unless you do you want be able to see any of if. There are so many cool quirky places here that you can drive to with some stunning views and places to swim.

Party on the beech

Head over to the main party beach which is around a 20 minute walk from the main port. Go there for around 11pm and thats when it kicks off. Lots of things to do. Drink beer, talk to people and watch fire dancers.

Go find a shark

Its true. Get your snorkel and ask where the shark bay is. Go at around dusk and you can see some impressive length sharks!

Go scuba diving

Unfortunately I could’t do this as I forgot my Open-water licence and didn’t want to do a normal discovery dive. But whatever you fancy, go diving! Its cheap and good fun!

Final note: Koh Tao offers something for everyone. Young, old, rich or poor – adventurous or lazy. Just be advised that it will be mostly cloudy if you come in Summer (July/August).


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  1. WHAT!!!!! what do you mean you saw a shark, said in a very casual way!!!!! how close, how big, how scarey???????

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