My impression of Koh Phangan

My impression of Koh Phangan

A party island with some of the most amazing beaches.

Don’t expect to get any sleep

Its true what they say. This island never stops partying. If your staying at a hostel don’t expect the noise to die down till around 3am.

Party hard!

Head of to Haad Rin beach where all the partys kick of near the cactus bar.

Eat some good food

There is some decent local good food on this small island and its not that hard to find!

Great place to learn how to scooter

Large roads and so a great place to learn with not too much traffic. Just make sure you don’t go to fast and break otherwise you will skid on the sand on the road!

Chill on the beach or in the water

Some of the beaches here are truly amazing!

Final note: Stay well away from here during the Full Moon Party unless you want to party hard and fork out a fortune on accommodation, however, do not be put off by this place. During the rest of the time this place is so quiet you can hear the wind whistle in the trees. The tides here are also really strange, and so you can walk out fairly far to little sand islands. The water is really shallow for a mile. This is a perfect place to just lie in 30 C+ water. If you come here in the summer expect rain and clouds some days. If the rain does come then it will only last an hour or so, but the clouds may ruin your holiday if you’re looking for a tan!

This is also a great place to rent and learn how to ride a scooter as it has the best roads of all the islands.

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