Getting ill in Asia

Getting ill in Asia

If anything was to stop me from coming back to Asia, it would be the thought of being sick again. During my trip I was very ill 3 times. The worse part is being ill in the most unfortunate places e.g. on a plane/bus/boat.

Therefore the best advice I can give you is to always account for being ill. Never make travel plans you can’t risk losing. If you buy a plane ticket always buy a flexi and add an extra 15%-20% to your whole budget.

You are probably wondering why I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Well here is why: Food poisoning can come on so quickly. I was on Koh Tao and had to catch an early boat at 10 am. I was up early and feeling great. Went to the local street vendor to buy my regular Thai chocolate pancake. 1 hour later I was on the boat and was feeling what I thought was sea sickness. 20 minutes later I was sick multiple times and also had bad bowel movements. I had to cancel my trip to Bangkok and booked myself into a hotel for 2 nights feeling sorry for myself and throwing up everywhere.

The bugs you get in Asia are so different from what we get back home. The first time you get sick here you probably feel like you’re going to die. That’s not an exaggeration. Ask anyone who’s been ill here and they will tell you the exact same.

I hope it won’t put you off travelling to Asia. As long as you are sensible with what you eat and slowly work your way into the food here you should, “fingers crossed”, be ok.

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  1. Anyway, can’t wait to see you. Gutted it won’t be for a few days. Good news is that Coy will be in London at my mum and dads when you are!

    Lots of love
    see you very soon

  2. You poor thing. And no mummy around to come running and look after your every need. Yes you have put me off, it sounds horrific. Can’t believe how independent you must have become!

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