My impression of Hong Kong

My impression of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was definitely  one of the places I was most excited about however for some reason had low expectations of the place.

If you come to a place with low expectations then it’s easier to be impressed. This was very true for Hong Kong. Ever since watching BBC news 24, Hong Kong always seems to be mentioned, and so I have had this odd unhealthy and undying secret obsession to visit the place. I don’t know whether this was because of my ego, so I could say I’ve been there or if the place genuinely intrigued me. In the end I think it was a bit of both.

As I crossed the boarder at Shenzhen into Hong Kong, I’m fairly sure I shed a small tear leaving the most profound country in the world. My biggest worry about Hong Kong was the cost. I was on a fairly low budget. My first real glimpse of the cost was when I exited the border and a coffee shop caught my eye with the horrifying price of 47 HKD (£4). I knew right away that my wallet was going to be rather empty by the time I leave this place.

The subway in Hong Kong is really good! Its rather crowded but brilliant. The only issue again is the cost! A large amount of my money went towards paying for transportation costs.

Must do things!

#1 Street Markets

The first night I was so eager to just get out there and experience the hustle and bustle of the place. Everything was just so lively! As it got darker the bright lights of all the shops turned on. There is a big famous street stall market which I highly suggest everyone goes to! What ever you could ever want you can get here and for a bargain price. But thats because 99% of the stuff sold here is fake.

#2 The Big Buddha

Get over to the cable carts and take it to The Big Buddha. Its a great way to see the city and you even get some really good views from the attraction!

#3 The Peak

You can get some really good views here! I highly suggest you go for the sunset but make sure you book online as the queues are ridiculous so make sure you book online!

Tip Please be advised that if you decide to go clubbing, your budget will go up considerably more! Most people go to a 7-Eleven to buy their booze and drink it before going into the club. Otherwise they’d be left very poor.

Walking out of the subway up the stairs, I looked up and saw a flood of men and women in suits. Hong Kong is full of people like this and you may feel slightly underdressed if your walking around in shorts and flipflops.

Shopping: I think one of the reasons to come here is to shop. There are lots of things to do here, but shopping is big making it extremely hard for backpackers with limited money. I walked round just drooling over all the electronics I wanted to buy. If you are into technology like me, then I suggest you visit the 3 storey Superstore that only sells electronics. It was life changing!

Transportation: Expensive, but brilliant and extremely packed!

Lodging: Expensive, very expensive! £16 a night for a 6 bed mixed dorm!

Final note: I really enjoyed this place for its quirky backstreets and the enormous amounts of Indian street sellers trying to sell me ” a Rolex”. Hong Kong isn’t a place you want to stay for a long time with a small budget. The wealth of city is extremely apparent, and you will very quickly feel out of place with little money.

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  1. My son did study at a HK university for 4 months and you are right it is very expensive. He did saved a lot before going. I when to see him and spent 9 days in HK. Was not enough to see everything. I will go back because I liked it a lot. The 1st stop I made in Asia was Beijing. My son came to meet me and we visited a lot. I would like to go back to Beijing to spend more than one day on The Great Wall. There is so many things to see and do in Asia. Hope to go back.

    1. Hong Kong is somewhere everyone should at least experience once in there lifetime. Shame its so expensive. Definitely go back to Beijing. I was there for 8 days last year. Renting a flat this summer there and will be living there for a of couple months. The Great Wall is awesome, I did it last time and will probably do it again this year and see a different section.

  2. Hi Phil,
    Very interested to read about your comments re Hong Kong. We have never been there, not even to the airport, so it was great to get first hand remarks and feed-back from you.
    You have been wonderful all along the way with your journey, and we are most impressed with the way you handled and managed this long trip all by yourself.
    As your journey will soon come to an end, we feel sure you will have some fantastic memories which will last you a life-time.
    We look forward to meeting up with you in Wroclaw in a few weeks time.
    Nanna and Poppie

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