My Impression of Guilin

My Impression of Guilin

Coming out of Guilin Airport, there was a massive blue coach parked outside. I had read in my Lonely Planet book that they were some sort of shuttle but had no idea where to pick it up. The friendly man standing outside smiled as I approached him and as the words “Guilin” left the tip of my tongue, he said the magic words that put my mind at ease, “Yes”! I stayed at a hostel called Wada, and I do recommend staying there. The dumpling-making party was great fun! The instructions finding the hostel said to get off at the first stop at “Hong Kong Hotel round building” and would take about 40 minutes. After 20 minutes the bus unexpectedly stopped. This didn’t look right at all and someone was getting off. Was this the official first stop? I went with my gut feeling and stayed on the bus nervously waiting for some sign that I had made the correct decision. Another 20 minutes later and my gut feeling had panned out. The tall round Hong K0ng Hotel came into view and I got off making my way to the hostel. All in all getting from the airport to Guilin was actually really easy had it not been for the unofficial stop the bus had made.

Guilin itself is a bustling city with a large number of Chinese tourists. It has a beautiful Night Market, an amazing hotel that runs a waterfall down the side of it and a lit up river walk. I thought I was in San Antonio for a second walking along the river walk! The city is definitely best viewed at night time.

It has plenty to offer. It’s a good place to use as a base to go to the Reed Flute Caves (90 CNY) or take a day trip to the Dragon’s Backbone Rices Terraces which unfortunately I didn’t have time for but I will do next time when I come back.

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