My Impression of Chengdu

My Impression of Chengdu

I arrived in Chengdu early at 6am and as I walked out the station there were hundreds and hundreds of people hanging around waiting for the subway and entering the train station. Walking down to the subway I was imminently impressed with the modern infrastructure. Signs were in Pinyin and also in Chinese characters making it alot easier to work out where to go. I got out just a stop outside the center where there were tall building and a busy main road. As I walked closer into the center towards my hostel, I could see the likes of famous shops like, Starbucks, McDonald, Zara, H&M etc etc. However this city felt nothing like Shanghai. It didn’t feel like a western city. It felt like a modern Chinese city. It was just perfect in every way.

Food: The food here was my favorite, since it was the most spiciest. I must admit that some foods were literally impossible to eat as one mouth full caused so much pain it was hard to breath! If you love spicy food then this is the city for you! I suggest you try the hotpot which is a specialty in Chengdu!

Transport: Extremely easy to get around with bus or subway. The subway being extremely new and so everything was written in pinyin as well.

Final Note: Chengdu has plenty to offer and you can easily fall in love with this place like I have. There is maybe not so much to do here but it is definitely a city to live in. It feels very much like a rich and moving city with large screen advertisements like New york but still has that authentic feel to it.

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