Invited Round for Dinner

Invited Round for Dinner

I stayed at a hostel in Xi’an called Han Tang Inn. It had numerous awards and the first night I just couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t amazingly brilliant and I had definitely stayed in better places. However, then I met Leilei. He organised all the evening activities and worked behind the bar. He saw that I was on my own and made sure he included me in everything. One day he asked whether I wanted to come back to his flat for dinner. Being a bit taken back I said sure, with a slight hesitation. He had made great friends with an Australian family and 3 British lads as well. He asked them if they wanted to come, too. As we made our way up the elevator I was just stunned that I was going round to someone’s house for dinner who I had only known for a day. All the food was home cooked and extremely delicious. The best food I’ve had in China.


– Tea eggs soaked in cola and tea leaves
– Beef with chili and fat
– Minced Pork Soup
– Pork curry
– Rice
– Marinated cucumber
– Chopped potatos and greens
– Green beans
– Beer

*Beer is very cheap in China at 3 CNY per 600 ml in the shop. Just be careful as the bottle can explode due to the pressure inside the bottle. This happened during our meal.


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  1. Dear Phil,
    What lovely hospitable people and what a delicious dinner they cooked. How nice that you also met some more friendly people.
    Lots of love,
    Nanna and Poppie

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