My Impression of Shanghai

My Impression of Shanghai

As the Taxi drove away from the railway station and the tall skyscrapers came into view I had to remind myself that I was in China. The bright colourful lights and spectacular skyline gives you the impression you’re in a city like New York. The large TV screen in the city doesn’t help either and the large advertising boards with Hugo Boss and Addidas written on gives you the feeling you’re not in Asia. Personally, I feel that Shanghai is not part of China but more a Western country. I do not believe that by coming to Shanghai you can say you have been to China as everything from getting around to daily transactions between people is extremely easy, and so it’s perfect for expats. Unlike Beijing people don’t seem to stare and you don’t feel like a minority. It seems that on every street there are foreigners from all over the world.
Shanghai’s wealth is extremely apparent from the absurdly overpriced shopping malls to the Lamboghinis that race round the city at 3am.


The wealth and rise of the city is obvious and speaking to locals who lived and bought flats here 10 years ago for £60,000 are now £940,000 richer with flat prices at around £1,000,000.

Must do

World Financial Center

This place is really cool and you can get a really good view from the entire city. Wouldn’t suggest it for the faint hearted however! It’s rather high.

Muse Club

If your young (or old) and looking to party, this is where its at! Get down there right now (if its evening time and your in shanghai.. or not).

Take a boat across the river

Really cheap and you get to see some great things. Just take my word for it

Down a random side street with food

Fairly self explanatory. Some great street food here!

Shanghai Museums

Yes. Its good. Go.


Note: If you want to enjoy Shanghai I would double your budget per day to be able to do the attractions and eat the food you want. You only need a maximum of 2 full days here. I spent £60 per day. Please factor this in especially if you’re on a tight budget. I will now have to cut down on spending somewhere along my trip.

-Hostel 65 CNY (£6.50)*
-Breakfast 50 CNY (£5)
-Lunch 60 CNY (£6)
-Dinner 80 CNY (£8)
-World Financial Center (Attraction) 150 CNY (£15)
-Club 30 CNY (£3)
-Drink 60 CNY (£6)
-Taxi 100 CNY (£10)

*Approximate conversion

Warning: Due to the wealth of Shanghai, it means people can afford drugs and so if you go out at night to bars or clubs you will get asked by dodgy looking people if you want to buy any. Having any involvement with drugs carries the death sentence, and so I can only strongly advise to stay well away. This, however, should NOT put you off coming as the drug dealers only appear after midnight and outside clubs. Shanghai is extremely safe with a large police presence.

Final Note: There is absolutely no point coming to Shanghai just for the sake of it. If you are in China anyway then it would be sad to miss it. There is not that much to do here and prices here are more than London. Shanghai is home to the world’s richest.

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  1. Dear Phil,
    We are following your trip with great interest and are enjoying your travels with you. You are experiencing some amazing and exciting things and we are very proud of you the way you are doing your wonderful Asia travels. We send you lots of love. Nanna and Poppie

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