The Bullet Train

The Bullet Train

Taking the Bullet Train from Beijing to Shanghai is extremely easy and efficient. It takes approximately 5 hours and costs around 550 CYN (£58) The seats are wide and give you plenty of leg room and they also recline. There is a restaurant on board as well as a tea lady.

Getting on the train is very much like going to an airport. You have you’re train number written on your ticket and then just look at the large departure screen to find which boarding post you need to go to. Then when it’s time, the gate will open and someone will check your ticket.

Note: People say to get there around 30 mins before however the queues are massive by that time. Get there at least 1 hour before and start queuing when you see the first people standing by the gate. If you are prone to travel sickness take travel sickness tablets since during the ride it does go up and down in terms of climbing and descending mountains and bridges at fast speed.

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