The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Having had a mind-blowing experience is an understatement. In my opinion the Great Wall is the most spectacular structure the world has to offer. You cannot come to Beijing without visiting it!
I visited the not so touristy part of the wall called Mutianya, and I suggest you do the same, however, be prepared to spend 2 and a half hours getting there by bus or with a tour operator.
The views you get are like something out of a picture book with the colours of the lush green forests blending in with the natural surrounding.
If you do go Mutianya, take the cable car and walk to post 23. Then carry on straight through an untouched part of the wall and walk for 300 m. You will then hit an even more spectacular scenery which is breathtakingly beautiful and totally worth it.


1) The wall is very steep in some parts and humidity can be up to 100% making walking extremely exhausting. Make sure to stock up on water as it will cost you 10 times as much when up there (10 CYN).

2) Pick a day when it’s fairly cloudy as walking in the sun is unbearable. Don’t worry about not being able to see much, when it’s cloudy you can still see plenty.

3) Bring an energy bar or something to keep you going and remember to have a rest every so often.

4) The bus ride is long and boring so make sure to bring a book or headphones. If you’re taking a tour you can most likely leave things you don’t need in the bus.

5) Bring atleast 2 bottles of water per person, especially in the summer time where tempretures can be reach 40C.

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  1. Dear Phil,
    Your Great Wall of China tour sounded mind-blowing. How impressive it must be and what remarkable and amazing memories you will take home with you from this exciting trip.
    Lots of love,
    Nanna and Poppie

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