Duck, Duck, Duck

Duck, Duck, Duck

Last night I finally did the thing I was most looking forward to – EAT DUCK! Unfortunately, when we wanted to go to the duck restaurant that everyone recommended, it was fully booked and so we ended up at a different one down a side street. The fact that the price for a whole duck came to only £8 should have rang alarm bells, however, being desperate, we went in. What we noticed when we ate the duck was that it only tasted good when mixed together in a pancake wrap filled with spring onions, cucumber and – an absolute essential – Hoisin Sauce,
Forget everything you’ve ever thought of it. It doesn’t taste anything like the chemically manufactured stuff you get in Western countries.


This is the real deal. When it is all mixed together and eaten with duck, it has a mouth watering effect which only makes you crave more.

With the average price of approx. £20 for a full duck which you would share among at least 2 people, the restaurant we end up at was certainly on the cheap end, but not entirely disappointing.

Beijing Duck

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