Taxis, Clubs and Hooters

Taxis, Clubs and Hooters

Last night I managed to pack all of these things into one night and it was definitely a night to remember. There was something odd about all of them:

If you are considering taking a taxi late at night and your taxi ride is longer that 20 mins, be prepared to get a disapproving no-look. After about an hour of standing around helplessy, getting rejected from each taxi I finally asked a local teenager who spoke fairly good english. The reason behind it was that their shifts were ending and so they didn’t want to drive 40 minutes. We then finally found a driver willing to take us, however, we were 5 people and the taxi could only hold 4. After getting the headshake, I whipped out my walllet and presented him with a 100 CYN note (£10). His face lit up like he’d just one the lottery and he told us to get in. After a 40 minute journey we each payed our 20 CYN (£2) share and we finally got home.

I was extremely impressed with Club we went to called Mix. The music was brilliant, the atmosphere was great. The only downside were the ridiculously overpriced drinks at 50 CYN (£5) for a small bottle of beer. That’s 10 times as much as you’d pay in a restaurant here! The other thing to note is to go to the toilet BEFORE you go out and limit your drinking whiles your there so you don’t need to go again. The myth really is true that the Chinese can’t handle their drink. As I walked into the bathroom I have never in my life seen so many people being sick at once, curled up across the toilets and sinks. A very grim image! Security at clubs is extremely tight, with having to pass through a metal detector and be patted down, so DO NOT bring any sharp or illicit objects as you will be detained as we saw with the people in front.  Apart from these points, it’s a great way to meet expats and have some fun!

Now before anyone decides to make a comment, we just used it as a meeting point! We definitely hadn’t intended to stay there long than 10 minutes, however after getting there we were genuinely interested in what can only be described as a very odd place with waitresses chanting and shouting random Chinese words at you and “attempting” to dance with umbrellas. In the meantime when they had no one to wait on, they practiced their gymnastics in the corner.


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