Beijing First Impressions

Beijing First Impressions

After so much planning I finally made it to Beijing. I guess the question everyone is wondering is “How is it?”. Well, there is really only one way to describe it and that’s…’s pure madness. People talk about culture shock, however, until you are here… on your own, you won’t understand what that word really means. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went and I’m glad I’m doing it, but as a first time solo trip…. yes, it was an insane idea. As I walked out of Beijing Airport I was starstruck by the strong thick air which tasted like oil in the mouth. Air pollution is difficult to grasp until you come here. This year in particular is very bad and the 36 degree heat make it worse!

Having taken 2 subway trains from the airport to the city and walked out into the open from the underground, it finally hit me and became real that I was in China. Not only from the fact that EVERYONE stares and giggles at you, but also people lift their big black Nikon camera from their chest and flash away like you’re some kind of a sculpture.
Beijing hasn’t failed to impress me. With police stationed every 100 m on every road I feel more safe than ever. From what I’ve seen so far it does certainly look stunning here.

It’s 4:26am right now and for some reason the jet lag seems to be really getting to me this time. All I have to look forward to for the next 4 hours is dumplings and rice for breakfast.

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