Like most people I’m not a massive fan of injections, never have been, therefore I was fairly worried about having them, especially in view of the fact that I had to have more

than one. In the end it went absolutely fine and I hardly even felt it.

Recommend Vaccines for China:


Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body, affecting many organs. Without prompt treatment, it can cause serious complications and can be fatal. You must renew it every 3 years.

Hep A

Hepatitis A is a type of viral liver infection uncommon in England but widespread in other parts of the world such as Asia. Hep A is a series of 2 injections. The first one lasts 6 – 12 months. After 12 months you need a booster which then makes you immune for 20 years.

Although China doesn’t require any injections (unless you are coming from a country with yellow fever) its is highly recommend to get both of these. Better to be safe than sorry.
Tip: Reading on the forums, lots of people said to go to my local travel clinic which would have cost £25 just for a consultation! I decided to go to see the nurse practitioner at my GP surgery. Told her exactly where I was going, and she gave me the shots for free!

Hep B

Hepatitis B is an infectious illness of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). On many travel websites for Asia this isn’t recommend as it is only passed through bodily floods e.g. blood. Bare in mind however that this virus can live outside the body for up to 7 days. Hepatitis B is endemic in China. Of the 350 million individuals worldwide infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV), one-third reside in China. What would you rather have? A small prick or Hep B virus. Hep B is not curable and can lead to cirrhosis. Symptoms usually appear after 120 days. Some people don’t even develop symptoms and only realise when its to late. This is why its called the silent killer. You usually have to pay for this shot and price ranges from £25 – £30 per shot which there are 3 of.

Good news: You can get Hep A and Hep B together in 1 needle. Ask your GP clinic. It is a series of 3 shots.


Depending on how you go about it you will altogether need between 4-6 injections (Assuming you have had all your necessary ones including MMR, Polio etc)

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