Birth of the Blog

Birth of the Blog

Wow… So I’m actually, finally, doing this. For a long time now I have been wanting to travel and blog but haven’t had the time nor the money. Since I’ve always enjoyed IT and travelling, I said to myself, what a perfect way to combine the two. This blog/website will be my so called “life line” home, where I can show my family, friends and anyone else who may be interested what I’ll be doing.

I plan on updating the blog at least every 24 hours, however, I already have the  feeling that may be hard due to some places not having internet and me being too tired. I do hope you will follow me.  Also please don’t forget you can leave me messages on the “Messages” page!

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  1. Dear Phil, What a great journey you are having! You are doing so well, and we are enjoying travelling with you on this most interesting trip through Asia. Your Chinese has certainly come in handy, especially with the taxi driver! Temple of Heaven sounded amazing, as did Beijing. Good to hear that you are enjoying the traditional food. Keep on enjoying this amazing journey of yours. Lots of love, Nanna and Poppie

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